Team LMR Racing Math Word Challenge #1 Answer Key


Use your math skills to win the knowledge race………



1)      If the Firestone Indy Lights race car weighs 1460 pounds and has an engine that produces 420 horsepower, what is the weight to power ratio?


a.       10:1

b.      3.5:1

c.       4.1:1

d.      3:7:1



2)      If the race is 100 miles long and the race car gets 6 mpg, how many gallons (minimum) need to be on board to finish the race assuming the track is 1.5 miles in length and there are three pace laps and one cool down lap?


a.       20 gallons

b.      18 gallons

c.       17 gallons

d.      zero, it’s electric



3)       If Team LMR has half as many team members as Team X and Team Y has one fourth the amount of Team X, how many team members does Team LMR have compared to Team Y?


a.       the same #

b.      three times as many

c.       twice as many

d.      half as many



4)      If driver A leads 10% of the laps, driver B leads 70% of the laps, driver C leads 18% of the laps, how many laps did driver D lead if the race is 150 laps long?


a.       2 laps

b.      1 lap

c.       4 laps

d.      3 laps